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Operation Shader Warning Order
Posted on 2021-08-04 10:52:52

Live Firing Operation Dragon
Posted on 2020-12-16 10:27:30


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Welcome to the home of MODSim

Welcome to MODsim, the UK's leading military virtual organisation for users of P3D

Simulating the operations of the Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps and Fleet Air Arm, we aim to provide realism and fun within the confines of Flight Simulator. MODSim has a wide choice of squadrons and aircraft to suit all interests and experience levels. Our Central Flying School is recognised as providing the best virtual military training on the internet whatever your previous experience, none is required.

We ask for the same commitment from our new members as you can expect from your instructors who freely give their time to help you reach the standard to enable you to feel comfortable flying in a military aviation multiplayer environment online.

To demonstrate this commitment from you we ask for a £10 training deposit from you via PayPal.

This is refunded once you have completed you training.

Applicants should be at least 18 years of age, on date of application.

Latest News - Operation Shader to commence September 2021

Operation Shader will commence with departures expected from the uk 25082021 to arrive at RAF Akrotiri no later than 31082021 ready for operations on 01092021

JHF will join hms Queen  Elizabeth no later than 25082021 

AAR tanker support will be available enroute for any aircraft requiring AAR.

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Recruiting Now...

We are currently recruiting for the following squadrons:

RAF Royal Air Force

No. VIII Squadron 8 Squadron (E-3 Sentry)

No. XI(F) Squadron XI(F) Squadron (Eurofighter Typhoon)

No. 18 Squadron 18 Squadron (Chinook)

No. 70 Squadron 70 Squadron (Globemaster/Hercules/Airbus A400-M)

No. 101 Squadron 101 Squadron (Voyager)

No. 120 Squadron 120 Squadron (P8-A Poseidon)

No. 617 Squadron 617 Squadron (F-35B)

AAC Army Air

No. 656 Squadron AAC 656 Squadron (Apache AH1)

No. 659 Squadron AAC 659 Squadron (Lynx AH7/9)

FAA Fleet Air

No. 801 Naval Air Squadron 809 Squadron (F-35B)

No. 845 Naval Air Squadron 845 Squadron (Sea King HC4/Merlin HM1)


VFA-105 Squadron VFA-105 Squadron (F/A-18E)