Move to RAF Waddington.

Posted by Mac McCarlie on 2018-05-15 13:34:36

All Operational pilots are to move airframes to RAF Waddington for Integrated Sqn Training.

Fast Jet Tasking

Posted by Lewis Collins on 2017-12-07 09:18:09

Fast Jet operations 11/12/17 departing Conningsby with supporting air assets en route for exercise in Norway, soviet intercept and observation expected.

Notam : 170630 2100z Increase in Russian activity

Posted by Lewis Collins on 2017-06-30 20:05:26

Russian Air Force assets are increasingly approaching the UK FIR as they test our defences. Intelligence suggests they may be planning another flight on the evening of Monday 3rd July with a view to entering UK Sovereign Airspace to gather intelligence on HMS Queen Elizabeth sea trials.

XI(F) Squadron are requested to be manning their jets whilst they are on exercise at RAF Lossiemouth ready for a QRA launch to protect the UK.