Welcome to MODSim

Founded in October 2008, Ministry of Defence Simulation has set the standard in the world of Military Virtual Aviation. The largest UK community of military virtual aviators, MODsim is at the forefront of non-profit organisations run by the members and for the members. With strong links to industry professionals, there is no better place to begin your military VA career.

· Do you own Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSX:Steam Edition or Prepar3D?
· Are you looking for a purpose and goals to enhance your Military Virtual Flying Experience?

What is MODsim?

Our organisation is a military virtual aviation community operating on our own private server using Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We simulate the day-to-day operations of many squadrons within the Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps and the Fleet Air Arm.
Our training program reflects that of the real-world Royal Air Force, with a structured Central Flying School for rotary, multi-engine and fast-jet students. Squadrons engage in nightly training sessions, combined UK and overseas operations and work together to implement the latest advances in Flight Simulator technology into the organisation.

We can offer:

· An active JOCO team, planning regular operations and deployments using all of our squadrons.
· Our own private TeamSpeak channel and 24/7 forum support.
· Members’ extensive experience in Mission Building, Scenery Creation, Operational Planning, IT Specialists, Administration Personnel and media experts.
· An on-line hour log-book system.
· Our own dedicated server with excellent peer-to-peer facilities.
· Technology testing, including the introduction of TacPack and the use of Virtual Reality headsets.
· Regular Friday “Fun Nights” flying various aircraft at locations across the globe.

Who are MODsim?

MODsim is populated by a mixture of civilian enthusiasts, real-world pilots and former military ground crew and aircrew. All of us share a passion for aviation and Flight Simulation, and work together to make MODsim the best possible experience for all users.

What’s required of MODsim members?

To be friendly, committed, keen to learn and broaden their skills, support other members and become part of the MODsim team. Time and effort will be rewarded with promotions in rank, senior positions on squadrons involving varied roles and responsibilities, plus privilege-positions such as membership of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight display team, and the receipt of medals and awards.

MODsim’s history.


RAF Simulation was launched in the October of 2008 with a presence at the Flight Simulation Convention held at The Eye in Birmingham. This was very successful and generated a lot of interest from people who were interested in on-line flying or who interested in obtaining new skills by flying a different type of aircraft. 2009 saw the first major deployment with Exercise Sharp Edge, which saw RAFsim assests travel to Sion Airbase, Switzerland for a 6-week deployment to test cooperation between squadrons. Also in this year our pilots saw their first active operation, Operation Afghan, where a scenario was put together similar to real-world events and RAFsim assets were deployed to Helmand Province for a 6 week deployment. Exercise Joint Warrior, a Remembrance Day fly past and a demonstration at the Flight 1 Show at Shoreham Airport followed.

In 2010, RAFsim’s sister sites were formed: AACsim and FAAsim, to represent the Army Air Corps and the Fleet Air Arm respectively. Operation Hidden Dragon, held in Korea and Operation Able Sentry, held in Bosnia, followed. Other notable events held during this year were another demonstration at the Flight Simulation Convention in Weston-Super-Mare, a social gathering at the RAF Waddington Airshow, and a lecture delivered by RAFsim staff at the Flight 1 Show, Shoreham Airport:

In 2011, the organisation’s assets deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean into response to the uprising in Libya. In order to enforce the no-fly zone, RAF Simulation fast jets were deployed to Malta and Cyprus, which were used as Forward Operating Bases. Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corps assets were deployed to HMS Ocean, in international waters off the coast of Libya. Upon the End-Ex return to the UK, some assets were diverted to Japan to deliver aid to Japan following the terrible tsunami disaster as part of Operation Wavebreaker. Other notable events held during this year included organisational presence at the Flight Sim Show and Flight 1 show.

2012 saw the re-formation of 810 Naval Air Squadron and the delivery of the new Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II. The squadron successfully stood up operationally towards the end of the year and took part in its first Operational Deployment in November as part of Operation Herrick 2012 In addition, the organisation successfully took part in two further operations: Operation Securitas ( protecting London during the Olympics ) and Operation Deliverance, supporting refugee issues in Kenya and anti-piracy in Somalia.

2013 and 2014 saw continued operations both overseas and in the UK for the organisation, as well as major new changes. The organisation was re-branded as MODsim to complete the transformation from a tri-org into a singular group encompassing all of the Armed Services’ aerial assets. A shift away from FSInn to FSX multiplayer servers improved peer-to-peer flying, and the integration of VRS TacPack has allowed squadron aircraft to launch both air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance in multiplayer for the first time

2015 saw a fresh JOCO team taking the reins, and the first testing of Virtual Reality head-sets in FSX Multiplayer as the Flight Simulator world prepared to move into the future of VR simulation. The introduction of various new software such as live fuel-transfer technology for air-to-air refuelling, better AI representation of other aircraft on server and improved weather scenarios for multiplayer flying further enhanced the experience of MODsim’s members. Operation ISIS Mallett saw MODsim deploy to Syria to continue the fight against terrorist guerilla forces at work in the region

2016 has seen the most dramatic advances in Flight Simulation technology. MODsim has adopted the use of JoinFS peer-to-peer multiplayer connection for flawless formation flying and expansive improvements to our multiplayer network. The ability to welcome members flying simulators other than FSX ( such as FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D ) has vastly increased the reach for our membership. Exercise Proximal Cause was our most ambitious yet, with the entire organisation deploying to the Caribbean for three weeks fighting an insurgency in Cuba and South America. More members than ever now use Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets, and members continue to explore the latest and most innovative technology to enhance flying at MODsim. Planning has begun for our latest exercise, Frozen Hammer, in Norway, and in 2017 our next major deployment will be conducted: Operation Black Dragon…