Exercise Valhalla

All Squadrons are to demonstrate they have the operational capability to deploy anywhere in the world, at short notice and complete objectives within their airframe's abilities.
This may include assisting other squadrons in their own objectives despite your own, depending on how the situation develops.


All Allied friendly participating Units will Operate from their respective Home bases.

100 Sqn will be Red Air providing Enemy air assets and ground forces as required. 100 Sqn will deploy initially to Bodo Airbase [ENBO] after initial transit. This is to create crowded skies around one airfield and showcase our abilities to fly and communicated effectively in crowded airspace.
On the first exercise day, 100 Sqn will deploy from Bodo AB - From then onwards, well recover and continue to operate from Bardufoss Airbase [ENDU]

A Royal Navy task group will deploy from HMNB Portsmouth 30th October to the Norwegian Coast. 

JHF Wildcat, Merlin and Chinook rotary assets to be embarked HMSQE by 30th October.

UK forces may utilise Norwegian airfields and airspace, along with Swedish airspace ONLY, with FOB’s being established during the exercise as per JOCO direction.
All squadrons MUST recover to their respective airbases after each exercise with the exception of aircraft utilising a FOB.

VIII Squadron, with assistance from Senior Officers, will ensure that there is AWACS control in all areas to provide adequate C&C for the duration of the Exercise.
The main theatre of Operations will be around the following locations:

Military training areas - D524z, D520z, D558 and centralised within the Indre Vestjorden Danger area as illustrated on the supplied aerial maps.